82% of information consumed on the internet is through video. The benefits of video for non profits in raising awareness doesn’t need much more explanation than that.

Here are the 5 best types of videos every non profits need to have in their mix of content on their channels and website. Each organisation is different so each must be weighed in terms of what is the most relevant for their audience. So let’s begin.

  1. Origin story. In our decade of working with leading non profits. This is an obvious place to begin as it not only conveys what you do, but presents your mission in a compelling story that is engaging to watch. Brand storytelling is an artform. Achieving the right balance of engaging content with the right messaging can set the right tone and expectations from your audience.
  2. Donor impact video. These videos present who you have helped in an emotional way and reaffirm the “why” of your organisation. They are powerful reminders of why your organisation is doing what it is doing. While usually it combines with an ask as part of a campaign video for your non profit, it can also speak to a wider audience group for example your staff and volunteers. We produced a powerful series, Everything, that became a powerful internal reminder for staff of why they did what they do for Canteen.

“The effect of Everything went beyond our fundraising campaign and was a powerful reminder to everyone working at Canteen of why we do what we do…”

Emma Smythe – Direct Marketing Manager

  1. Effective fundraising videos not only fundraises for non profits, but signals to new audiences how others have supported it providing positive reaffirmation. This is especially effective when tailed with a thank you video which should on the same video if it remains available for viewing.
  2. Explainer video. These are particularly effective at conveying impact through statistics and animations. For example research foundations, tree saving/planting or charities that help numeracy. Clearly use of animation or explainer type approach can be embedded in any of the videos we’ve suggested and the key is understanding how to use each medium to embed your point in audience minds.
  3. Behind the scenes video. Nothing builds trust like transparency. In this polished world, often an authentic off the cuff video that symbolises your organsiations heart and culture can be a powerful tool. A short iPhone documentary of a fundraising event, the challenges, the wins and everything in between. It can convey many aspects your cause in an engaging way around the fundraising event. It’s also a time where many of your supporters and stakeholders are together and can offer quick testimonials on location.

While some non profits struggle to have even a few videos to share, the more common encounter we have is with clients who are bloated with too much content. The channel shouldn’t be regarded as a repository of every content you have. Think about what you want a new person to experience and if what you have might be sending too many divergent signals. Curate their viewing experience and remember less is more in an overcrowded content world.

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