The power of authenticity.

We’d like to begin this story about the power of authenticity, with well, some authenticity.

Firstly, we believe a key factor in fundraising success was timing. We were able to produce a piece during the height of lockdown when donors were empathetic to the needs of the less fortunate. Secondly, the video was one factor (in many) such as the goodwill the organisation had to generate the results it achieved.

The pandemic presented many challenges to our work arising from social distancing. Filming was one of them and we had to work in a new way. Now, we firmly believe that the power of content doesn’t rely on one element like filming alone, like our example with the Heart Foundation, a story can arise from anywhere if you know where to look.

However in this case we asked Byron Community Centre to film their plea to donors which we would then edit with existing photos and imagery to develop into a fundraising video.

While we wouldn’t say this was the most impressive production, we would say it was definitely achieved the most impressive results for Byron Community Centre.

Watch the video here.