Marketing vs aesthetic orientation

What we encountered in the industry from video professionals was an orientation towards great visual execution that often looked great, but lacked substance or depth. 

As storytellers our first role is to create impact and engagement. In addition to this, we believe there are opportunities to convey meaning and purpose that lasts well beyond the audiences viewing experience. And what and how we did this is how we differ in our approach to most video agencies and videographers.

Creating a brand story

While we vowed never to sell a sugary soft drink again, our work evolved to support purpose-driven corporations as we saw the same opportunities utilising the same expertise and experience to promote their vision and purpose. 

Depending on the client’s objectives and engagement factor, this may be presented as a brand story or founder story. 

For a leading construction company Consystex, it was the bullfighting background of their founder that presented the greatest engagement potential.

Helping you find new possibilities

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