When the Heart Foundation briefed us on a story to film, we uncovered a letter from a mother that would change the direction of our work. It also saved them thousands of dollars in execution with an incredible ROI.

The power of a video story doesn’t come from its production value, but its authenticity and relatability.

When we came across the letter from Bobby’s mother, not did her heartfelt story contain this, but a mother’s beautiful portrayal of their family life, something all mother’s can relate to.

More importantly it brought to light the a heart condition we know little about – and something that could happen to any mother. The role of the Heart Foundation in finding the answers through research was then the solution we put forward for donors to support.

We were honoured to have shared Bobby’s story and this was one of the first projects we undertook over 10 years ago. While we can cannot deny our “developing visual style” at that time, it’s one of our proudest work as we provided the client with a more powerful and cost effective solution at the detriment to our bottom line and what they had originally wanted.

May they find a cure for this and many other heart conditions affecting lives today.