We were recently asked by our client, Mariano, to share his personal story and to build it into the brand story of his business.

It presented a challenge due to the nature of his professional background, he was a famed bullfighter in Spain who founded an industry changing construction company in Australia. There were many great hooks and potential pitfalls. First and foremost, Bullfighting.

It’s a topic that can automatically switch audiences off. Thankfully when Mariano arrived in Australia he tried to begin bloodless bullfighting and it caught the attention of a Current Affairs. We began our story with an excerpt of this story to neutralise any potential loss of audience due to the topic. We were lucky to have access to Super 8 footage of Mariano’s bullfighting and the accident that led him to Australia.

Whist the “Bullfighting spirit” was a potential avenue to connect his story to the company, Consystex, it also had the potential turn off audiences, so we focussed instead on the team behind his bullfighting and company being the source of his accomplishments.

We ended the film with a bullfighting dance enmeshing the past and present bullfighter, Mariano.

Like bullfighting, we believe a story is a dance. It has a flow, carrying a beat and if find that groove, it will feel leave you feeling great.

We hope you enjoy his story.