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Our specialist video services for non-profit organisations allows us to work with many great causes. Canteen helps young people navigate life when cancer affects their lives.

We’ve supported Canteen with fundraising video campaigns, events and TVCs. Our storytelling video production has often utilised the use of episodic structure to capture donor attention before noisy fundraising periods. Much of our work has supported their ongoing retention programs by conveying the impact of their work to regular givers with content sharing amongst the target audience.

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Case 01 | Brookfarm

Brand stories

Effective video content creation requires understanding how to convey ideas intelligently.

Brookfarm’s sustainability credentials were underpinned by a deeper family value. This was the key to unlocking their story and conveying their authenticity towards sustainability.

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Strategic storytelling

Our background in strategy brings deeper thinking to our work. Beyond visual aesthetics, we enmesh understanding of your audience, brand and objectives to deliver a multi-tiered outcome.

Find out how we used the analogy of rugby and high profile spokesperson, Peter FitzSimons, to activate and educate audiences about the need for cerebral palsy research at a fundraising event.

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Case 02 | Cerebral Palsy Alliance

41,000+ Youtube views!

We bring together our understanding of brand and storytelling to create meaningful impact

Mt White in Tasmania was a special place for Daniel and his late mother.
We used it as a metaphor to convey the work that CanTeen does for young people affected by cancer.

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Case 03 | Canteen
Dancer with cancer / 4 part series

Multiple impact stories

To overcome the noise of Tax appeal season, we began sharing a series of impact stories with donors in the lead up to each season, increasing donor click through rates and length of time on each video was viewed. 

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Save Wallum

We were engaged by the Save Wallum campaign to develop their visual identity and film.

Educating audiences of the impact of development on a biodiverse and delicate ecosystem was fundamental in engaging community support resulting in over 5,700 engaged members.  

Case 04 | Save Wallum Logo + Film

Buying back the Daintree

We equated loss of rainforests in terms of football fields to convey the impact of development in the Daintree. Drone footage would visually present what was at stake to prospective donors on social media to support the buy back of old growth forests. 

Case 05 | Rainforest 4 Foundation
Case 06 | The Baird Institute

Stories with heart

Finding the heart of a story comes from our decade long work with purpose driven organisations. 

Find out how we wove together the story of Australia’s leading UN Human Rights advocate, a family loss and the need for improvements of heart surgical techniques together into an impactful story for the Baird Institute. 

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Think Pink

Known for their bright pink tubes, Consystex is the leading supplier of concrete formwork solutions in the country. Pink is also the iconic colour of the bullfighter in Spain.

Consystex carries the heart of the bullfighting spirit through their CEO, an ex-bullfighter, who reimagined bullfighting without the violence in Australia and began a business that would subsequently charge forward to transform the building industry.

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Case 07 | Consystex